PREMIUM Fireproof Document Bag IMPROVED Design | Pouch With Zipper, Velcro, and Divider | Silicone Coated Fiberglass Review

Finally a fire resistant bag that can put your mind at ease. Check it out on sale on Amazon:


According to the listing the bag has the following features:

  • HIGH QUALITY and LARGE enough to fit all of your belongings at 15″x11.5″x2.5″, but just the right size to fit inside of your safe. It can also fold if not all of it is being used. It is flexible and can expand more than 2.5″ if the full width is not used.
  • DIVIDER to store your passports, documents, jewelry, and other small personal belongings.
  • DURABLE and IMPROVED design made from thick silicone coated fiberglass with an extra inside layer, with both a zipper and thick velcro under the main flap for added resistance.
  • PROTECT your cryptocurrency paper wallets, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin hardware wallets.
  • ADD SAFETY by placing lipo batteries inside or by placing it inside of a fireproof safe for your most important items.

I was overall impressed by it’s quality and am using it for my passport and a few other files.

Thanks again to SafetyHome for providing a review unit.

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