iPad Air iOS 8.1 Battery Drain

It may not drain as bad as other┬átablets but it is draining at a rate of roughly 5-10% per day with no use. It used to drain a maximum of 2% per day and always be ready for me when I needed it. The last few times I went to use it, it would already be drained and that is sometimes quite inconvenient. Performance has been drastically improved with this update, and using it is quite a joy, if only the battery didn’t drain when in standby like it used to.

Another issue with 8.1 is that sometimes the multitask gestures just do not work. It used to happen much more frequently before on iOS 8 but it did happen to me once on 8.1.

The issue of battery drain seems to be from Skype according to the battery usage info, but I had Skype before and never had any drain issues. Hopefully it is just a compatibility issue and will be fixed soon.

iPad Air iOS 8.1 Update

The update was released yesterday and thankfully it was a small incremental update around 100mb therefore it didn’t need much space to install like iOS 8 did. Over the past 24 hours I have noticed that it is much snappier and smoother than iOS 8. Specifically the bug concerning multitouch app switching seems to be gone as it is always working now and not hanging up. On iOS 8 the gestures would frequently not work and many apps even the settings would crash without warrant. So far so good…

iPad Air iOS 8.1 Installed
iPad Air iOS 8.1 Installed