Google Pixel 2 Battery Life Overview – Daily Usage

How do you like the new intro? This is an overview of the battery life while using my Google Pixel 2 daily on T-Mobile LTE all day, and Wi-Fi when at home in the evening. My day consists of Spotify, Reddit, Duo, and Chrome. I keep location on but location history off, with brightness at around 40%. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I do not play any games which is probably why it lasts so well for me. Coming from a Pixel XL, this phone holds up just as well.

The Cleanest Way To Hang Pants and Shorts – Review

For years I struggled, struggled to find the pair of shorts I wanted in a never ending stack of different fabrics. No longer do I struggle, while browsing Amazon the other day I came across an amazing invention; the pants hanger! These hangers allowed me to hang up 40 pairs of shorts and pants in the cleanest, most accessible way imaginable. Just look at the photo below and I don’t think I have to say anything else…

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