The New King of Email Automation for FBA Sellers

Massruff is the newest, cleanest, and smoothest platform that allows Amazon FBA sellers to set up smart automated email sequences.

This software was built to address a need for a simple and effective solution that any seller could use. Offering advanced features, emojis, and great default templates, Massruff is the way to go for sellers of any size.

Massruff will begin beta testing soon, so join the waitlist for free at

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Amazon FBA Ninja – The Most Comprehensive FBA Course

With Kevin David, you can learn every little step to becoming a professional with Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).


Similar to Tanner J Fox, Kevin can show you every step of the way. Starting with how to find products, how to lower your costs, and how to rank your products first organically.

This course carries a premium, but it can guarantee teaching you so much about becoming a successful Amazon FBA seller. If you can learn from other peoples’ success why wouldn’t you? Save time and money by learning everything you need to know from the Ninja Course.

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The course is a little expensive, so you are also able to choose the module you are most interested in:

The modules are great, but it is a much better deal to buy the whole course, especially since you have that special code.

Learn How to Become an Amazon FBA Seller

Tanner J Fox teaches a great course that will guide you and show you how to become a very successful Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller. Beginning with finding products, working with Chinese suppliers, negotiating shipments directly to Amazon, creating successful listings, and finally running great ad campaigns.


His course is great and I highly recommend checking it out if you plan on becoming an Amazon FBA seller.

Check it out here -> amazonsellermastery