iPad Air iOS 8.1 Update

The update was released yesterday and thankfully it was a small incremental update around 100mb therefore it didn’t need much space to install like iOS 8 did. Over the past 24 hours I have noticed that it is much snappier and smoother than iOS 8. Specifically the bug concerning multitouch app switching seems to be gone as it is always working now and not hanging up. On iOS 8 the gestures would frequently not work and many apps even the settings would crash without warrant. So far so good…

iPad Air iOS 8.1 Installed
iPad Air iOS 8.1 Installed

OnePlus One New Synaptics Firmware Fixes Touch Issues

I have switched from the stock kernel to the Franco kernel which implements Synaptics’ new firmware for the touchscreen and the difference is huge. No longer are there any issues when typing fast or scrolling and the phone finally feels like a finished product. It is amazing how a bad firmware for the touchscreen can make the whole experience of using a phone horrible.

Until the official update comes you can use Franco’s kernel on either Cm 11s or AOSP Roms. I am using it with a CM Nightly and it is running flawlessly.

The app isn’t necessary but it has some great features: Play Store

Franco kernel updater

Quick Solution to Mic Static and Noise While Recording

The main issue with recording on a PC or Laptop is the great amount of static and noise in the background, even if a decent microphone is being used. The fix is a quick and easy one and can cost less than $20. Basically, all you need is any USB sound card of decent quality. Try to stick to known brands such as Creative and stay away from the $5 ones on eBay. Also, a decent mic would help but that will only increase the quality of the recording and not so much the decrease background annoyances not due to actual background noise present in the room. It turns out that my motherboard makes a lot of static and noise when using the internal mic inputs and just by using a USB sound card, a huge difference was instantly noticeable. It seems that by isolating the A/D converter from the rest of the components, I was able to now record clean, static free sound. Check out the video below for some details about the sound card I used.

Creative Sound Blaster Xifi Go! Pro
Creative Sound Blaster Xifi Go! Pro

The Video is taking extremely long to process…but when it finishes, here it is: