Core i7-4790K Performance Testing (HDD & SSD)

A friend of mine let me use his computer for some testing. We first ran the tests using a Western Digital Black hard drive, then using a Samsung 840 Evo solid state drive.

System Specs:

Core i7-4790K

16GB Corsair Vengeance

Asus Z97-E Motherboard

EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked 2GB

Thermaltake 750W Modular Power Supply

First using the Hard Drive and the ASUS Bios setting of normal, the tests were as shown below (PassMark, FurMark, 3dMark):

Standard_PerformanceTestStandard_PerformanceTest2 FurMark 3dMark

Then using the preset optimal mode in the BIOS the following performance test was completed:


Once the SSD was installed, the overall PassMark Rating was boosted by a hefty amount to 5743 from 3837:


14.12 AMD Catalyst Omega Software Released

AMD has released a rather big software update called Catalyst Omega. This is supposed to allow developers to optimize their games better for AMD devices. Both graphics cards and APUs are supposed to see massive gains in certain games. In day to day tasks it runs the same as compared to 14.9 with no real difference outside of specific games. I have run 2 3D benchmarks on 14.9 and 14.12 to see if there were any general improvements to unoptimized games/benchmarks, but the results were almost the same before and after the update.

GPU: Gigabyte R9 270OC with stock clocks


14.9 2
Furmark 720p Benchmark on 14.9
PerformanceTest 3D Test on 14.9
14.12 Omega 2
Furmark 720p Benchmark on 14.12 OMEGA
14.12 Omega
PerformanceTest 3D Test on 14.12 OMEGA