Chiyoda Automatic Double Watch Winder Review with Tag Heuer Carrera

After many long hours of research, I decided to pay a little more and get what seemed to be a solid double watch winder. The CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder with Two Quiet Mabuchi Motors, LCD Digital Screen, proved to be a great watch winder. It is sleek, quiet, and has many options. I paired it with a TAG Heuer Men’s WAR201E.BA0723 Carrera Calibre 5 Blue for the review. Overall, it is a great watch winder, and well worth the price.

Check it out below:

Burei Watches Hands On Review

Burei watches first showed up on Slickdeals about a year ago for me. I immediately loved what I saw and ordered one. Since then I have ordered 3 more and have worn them daily for about a year. They look great, get me tons of compliments every time I wear them, and are very affordable!

Here is a picture of my favorite 4 Burei watches:


My first and favorite is the BUREI Men’s Multifunction Chronograph with sapphire crystal:

My second favorite is the BUREI Men’s Business:


My third favorite is the BUREI Day Date Rose Gold Case:


My least favorite but still is a nice watch is the BUREI Men’s Business Casual:


Inateck Huge 1ft × 3ft Mousepad Review – Keep your watches and jewelry scratch free!

The Inateck huge 1ft × 3ft mousepad came quickly and on time. Immediately the product when unboxed felt nice in the hand, but it had a slight odor to it. After a few hours of use however, the odor went away. The mousepad performs like any other but I purchased it for one specific reason, to prevent the scratching of my watches and bracelets. If you have a watch, bracelets, or other jewelry that is prone to scratching, this is the product for you. Now when you are hard at work or typing away at your desk for fun, your expensive jewelry will no longer be scratched!

Check out this mousepad on Amazon, I recommend it as an anti jewelry scratching device!