Changing the DV6-6190us cooling fan

IMGAfter owning the laptop for a year and a half the cooling fan became loose after it was dropped once while in my backpack. The fan would become very loud if the laptop was moved while it was on and stay very loud until it was next shut down. I put up with this for a year until I finally purchased a replacement fan on eBay for about $6. Following the service guide located here, I was able to successfully dismantle the laptop and change the cooling fan. It was a relatively easy process that took patience and roughly an hour and a half. The heat sink does not need to be removed as only the fan can be swapped which makes the process simple. Three pictures of the process are below:

The new cooling fan by the heat sink before replacement:


The bottom of the motherboard to see how the fan is connected to the heatsink:


The fan can be swapped by removing the screws on the metal plate shown below:


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