Razer Nabu Developer Band Update

The have just emailed me saying,

“Dear Developer,

We are pleased to announce that the Razer Nabu SDK is now available via the Developer Portal and that the Razer Nabu Developer Edition units have begun shipping to qualified developers.

As you have expressed interest in our Developer Program before, please provide information as to prior apps you’ve published – this will allow us to qualify you as a Nabu developer. Note that we are only qualifying developers who already have published apps at this time.

Click through this link to qualify.

Qualified developers will be entitled to purchase a Nabu Developer Edition unit for $49.99. However, due to limited availability of the Developer units, we will be shipping them out on a “when available” basis in batches.

In the event you are not a published developer but would still like to participate in helping us test and provide feedback toward the Razer Nabu’s final polish for the retail launch, we have a separate Beta Program which is open to the wider public. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Razer Nabu Beta Program, click through here.

Once again, thanks for your support of the Razer Nabu. With your help, we are shaping the future of next-gen wearables.”

This started off as an exciting email but then I realized that all of the waiting hasn’t helped at all. I had to sign up again and start all over again. Let’s hope I’m chosen.


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