HI-FI Stereo Amplifier 60 Watt DX0809

I found this amplifier for $Cheap as a temporary placeholder to run my Polk Audio Monitor 30 Series II speakers. It does carry a much better punch in terms of bass reproduction than the Lepai 2020A+ but it fails in almost every other aspect. The highs are not crisp and there is a noticeable hiss at high volumes. Most of the vocals were muffled and vibrated in a very weird way. The Lepai 2020A+ does a much better job at running both the lows and highs clearly even when at high volumes. Stay away from this amp and just get a Lepai 2020A+ if you want something cheap.
IMG_20141011_134103 IMG_20141011_134336 IMG_20141011_134346 IMG_20141011_135111

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