Baba’s Blends: The Best Zaatar You Can Buy In The USA

I have tried so many different Zaatar blends and every single one messes something up. From adding citric acid to chickpea powder, there is always something off with the flavor of Zaatar blends in North America.

This is where Baba’s Blends shines, in simplicity and tradition.

My friends and I came together and created what we think is the best Zaatar Herb Blend that you can buy in the United States. It has powerful thyme and mediterranean oregano flavors that punch through, toasted sesame, fresh ground sumac, and a few other ingredients that make it shine.

Zaatar Herb Blend Direct Link:

Zaatar, directly translated as Thyme, is also a blend of herbs used in the Mediterranean in hundreds of different ways. This Zaatar herb blend is all you need to take your snacks and meals to the next level. 

Enjoy it as a snack in one of many ways:

  • Mix with olive oil and then spread
  • Sprinkle over labne or cheese
  • Zaatar, lemon, and olive oil dressing for salads

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Sumac, Thyme, Mediterranean Oregano, Marjoram, Olive Oil, Salt

Contains: Sesame seeds

Blended and bottled in the USA

Check it out and order your own blends:

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