AYL Shower Speaker Review

The Shower Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker by AYL SoundFit is a small yet powerful speaker. It is touted to have 5 watts of output power, be water resistant, and last 10 hours per charge.

It sounds good for a speaker of this size, and it puts out quite a punch, shaking in your hand from the bass. It is no where near the best speaker, but when you factor in it’s size and cost, it is hard to go wrong with the AYL Shower Speaker.


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Android 8.0 Safe Mode

Entering safe mode on Android 8.0 is very easy. All you have to do is hold down the power button until the power off prompt shows, then hold your finger on restart until the phone vibrates. At this point, the phone will reboot into safe mode.

The phone in use is my Google Pixel XL (which I love).

See the photos below:

Nokia Lumia 635 vs. Moto G (2014) Speaker Test

The Nokia Lumia 635 is a great budget device, but how does its speaker compare to that of the Moto G (2014)? I have an impartial video below showing the two in the same testing scenarios. My personal opinion is that while the Nokia Lumia 635 is much louder than the Moto G (2014), it is not more enjoyable. The Moto G (2014) has a much wider range and overall sounds better. It also has stereo speakers which make it much more immersive as compared to the Lumia which is rear firing. The Lumia does not sound bad, and it is actually surprisingly good, it is just a bit lacking in terms of being able to reach the deep end. Their audio output quality and power meanwhile are roughly the same with the Moto G (2014) being slightly warmer when played on my speakers. Overall they are both decent but the Moto G (2014) isn’t loud enough and the Nokia Lumia 635 isn’t full enough.

Here is the video comparison:

Patriot FUEL+ 5200mAh Dual-Port Power Bank Review

The Patriot FUEL+ 5200 mAh power bank is interesting as it balances features and size well. Most power banks that have a dual output system or a 2.5 amp output are much larger than this one. It is nice to see good build quality and solid functionality on a power bank of this size. It is more expensive than its generic siblings but those usually have a single 1 amp output. The 2.5 amp output is great because it allows me to charge big devices such as my OnePlus One much quicker than most other power banks.

Dual Outputs: 2.5A and 1A
Bright Blue Charging Lights


  • Great Build Quality
  • Looks Great
  • Sits Flat on a Table
  • Blue Lights
  • 2.5A Output
  • Dual Charging Capability
  • Ability Charge a Device and the Power Bank Simultaneously
  • Very Portable


  • The Power Button Isn’t Raised For Easy Pressing
  • Expensive Compared to Others