Patriot FUEL+ 5200mAh Dual-Port Power Bank Review

The Patriot FUEL+ 5200 mAh power bank is interesting as it balances features and size well. Most power banks that have a dual output system or a 2.5 amp output are much larger than this one. It is nice to see good build quality and solid functionality on a power bank of this size. It is more expensive than its generic siblings but those usually have a single 1 amp output. The 2.5 amp output is great because it allows me to charge big devices such as my OnePlus One much quicker than most other power banks.

Dual Outputs: 2.5A and 1A
Bright Blue Charging Lights


  • Great Build Quality
  • Looks Great
  • Sits Flat on a Table
  • Blue Lights
  • 2.5A Output
  • Dual Charging Capability
  • Ability Charge a Device and the Power Bank Simultaneously
  • Very Portable


  • The Power Button Isn’t Raised For Easy Pressing
  • Expensive Compared to Others

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