CM 10.2 Nightly Builds for the LG G2 Released


While the LG G2 is by far my favorite phone on the market, the stock LG software is somewhat buggy. There are hiccups while scrolling in certain menus and way too many wake locks for a newly set up phone. These problems and more were solved with the release of CyanogenMod version 10.2 for the LG G2. Currently both the D800, D802 and the VS980 are supported and there are nightly builds being released. The experience is far superior to that of the LG user interface and the stability and performance of this nightly build is remarkably impressive.

The battery life is also fantastic due to the minimal amount of wake locks. The device when in sleep remains in sleep and gains the amazing battery life that was expected from the start. On initial installation, cLock keeps a lock on the GPS but after disabling it and rebooting, the device has been flawless.






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