Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Microphone Review – NEOMUSICIA Cable

Using the M50x has really been a pleasure, unless I receive a phone call. After looking around for hours, I came upon what seemed to be the easiest solution; a replacement cable with an inline mic. The  NEOMUSICIA Universal Replacememt Cable with Remote and Mic has been a blessing. It works great, plugged right in to the proprietary connected on the headphones, and the other people say my voice is clean and crisp. So far I have had no issues using it with my HP Laptop and my Android Phone.

It took a great pair of headphones and made them much better! Check them out on Amazon.


I’m Back

I have decided to take on a slightly different approach, due to my job I am unable to review many different types of electronic devices. I will however continue The Lost Digit, as a source of reviews for the many things I order from Amazon. See you around…

LG G2 Ballistic Tough Jacket Case Quick Review

The case can be found on their official site or one of many other online retailers for $25-$35.

Ballistic Case

The LG G2 Ballistic Tough Jacket case appealed to me because I had already broken my screen once, and I did not want it to happen again. This was the best quality and toughest case I could find at an affordable price and it didn’t disappoint.

The case comes in two layers and the camera protector can be popped out fairly easily. I recommend removing the camera protection to ensure that night photos are not distorted by the case.

Ballistic G2 Case

The case is a bit bulky though but it gives a comforting feel that the phone is safe. I dropped it once from around 2 feet from a coffee table and it was fine.

Ballistic G2 Case Front Ballistic G2 Case Thickness


– Sturdy

– Good Quality Materials

– Handles Drops

– Protects the Screen well

– Good Looking


– Bulky

– Front Rubber Sometimes Sticks Inside Pocket

Multi-Window on the LG G2 (D802)

A nice feature that may only be useful in certain cases is the ability to split the screen between two apps. LG made this possible on the LG G Flex and luckily due to the hardware similarities with the G2, its software has been ported to the G2. I have been reluctant to try a G Flex rom as I did not like the LG software much but I have been pleasantly surprised. I have downloaded and installed AEONFLEX v3.0.2 ROM that is available for the D800, D802 and the D803. The rom seems much more refined than the original G2 rom, I am not sure if it is due to the ROM builders modifications or due to LGs optimizations for the G Flex, but it is fantastic. It has been very stable, smooth and extremely snappy. The rom can be downloaded here. Don’t forget to install the respective device patch as stated in the instructions.

See below for some screenshots:











This is the Multi-Windows Feature, hold back to see the selection screen:


The Razer Nabu is Worth Developing For

While reading about all of the not so innovative tech at CES 2014, one thing truly stood out. The Razer Nabu according to its promotional video and website seemed amazing, finally something wearable I would be interested in.

This however is a slight oversell as the product is still in early developmental stages. The band shown at CES was clearly a very early version as it seemed unfinished in its construction and responsiveness. It is still a fantastic idea and I have signed up for the developer band here. I would love to help push its development further and see it become a part of my daily life.

According to the website it has

  • Public icon screen: 32×32 pixel OLED
  • Private message screen: 128×32 pixel OLED
  • Accelerometer
  • Altimeter
  • Cylindrical vibration motor

These can be used to create a user experience that is unlike any other smart watch/band. The most impressive feature is the claim that the battery will last at least 7 days, and for me this is one of the most important features as I don’t want to take it off very often. The band also has a USB port where it connects to make a complete circle when worn. This is a great idea but is also a bit worrisome as I am curious to see how it will handle the wear and tear.

I now await to hear back from them to be able to get my hands on a developer band and get started…


I received an email on January 17, 2014 stating this,

“Thanks for your interest in our new Razer Nabu.
We will be reviewing all applications and getting in touch with you shortly on the next steps for our Developer Program. 
In the meantime, we will be sending you the latest news on Nabu through email, and you can also follow us on Facebook as well as Twitter.”

I still await further news…

Update 2:

Patriot Stellar Review (32GB)

Manufacturer ImageThe Patriot Stellar is one of many pioneers into the new market of USB OTG flash drives. It seems to be the first that combines both USB 3.0 and USB OTG in one sleek package. Its small footprint and sleek looks may be tempting, but does it provide the 140 MB/s performance it promises?

The version reviewed is the 32GB Patriot Stellar which can be found on Amazon for $34.99 as of January 2014. The Stellar comes in 3 colors depending on the size. The 16GB comes in orange, the 32GB comes in silver, and the 64GB comes in gold.


The flash drive is very sleek and placed next to a guitar pick, you can see how small it really is.

Stellar Size Comparison

The width and height are the exact size of the USB port itself with the internal plastic being blue to represent its USB 3.0 compatibility.

Patriot Stellar USB3

When plugged into a laptop, it does not extrude much as half of it is the full size USB port itself.

Patriot Stellar Laptop

Performance (Windows):

Using CrystalDiskMark as a reference for benchmarking the drive, some interesting data was revealed.

Stellar BenchThe drive performed exactly as stated by the manufacturer as the read speeds were a solid 140.2 MB/s. However the write speeds were sub par reaching only 19.38 MB/s. This however isn’t even the full story as copying smaller files, the write performance quickly becomes unbearable. The Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 drives in comparison offer much better write performance (almost triple).

Performance (Android):

Using ES File Explorer, CM11, and my LG G2, writing and reading to the drive over the OTG connection seemed only to be limited by the phones read and write speeds as both were quite random and similar to each other. Take these benchmarks as a reference only as they will differ from phone to phone.

Write Speed:

OTG Write

Read Speed:

Read Speed

In Conclusion:

The Patriot Stellar is a solid device offering a stepping stone into the new world of high speed OTG flash drives. It is very useful to have as I can now use the same flash drive easily without any extra connectors on my laptop, tablet, and phone. If only the write performance was better, this would be a sure buy.


– Competitive Pricing

– Fast Read Performance

– Sleek Shape and Size


– Slightly Plastic/Cheap Feel

– Horrible Write Speed for a USB 3.0 Device

– No Color Options For The Same Capacity

CM 11 Nightly Buillds for the LG G2 Released


A little over a month ago, CM 10.2 began rolling out for the LG G2 and now it has reached a point of stability. Using CM 10.2 for a month was a pleasure and almost bug free experience. Now CM 11 is being rolled out for all of the variants of the G2 and it is looking promising. The home screen with transparent navigation buttons and a transparent status bar is my favorite feature and finally the big black bars are gone. There are a few issues with smoothness in animations and battery life, but being a nightly I am sure they will be fixed quickly. Head on over to the CyanogenMod download page and check for your device.






LG G2 Screen Replacement Update

Exactly one week after I had sent off my phone for repair, I received a phone call saying that my phone was ready for pickup. The cost was 193$ for the screen replacement and 10$ for the handling fees from the phone shop. For a total of 203$ I now had a new screen and glass assembly. It seemed that the whole top half of the phone above the silver band was replaced as it was given to me with the plastic around the sides of the top half as if new. The sim tray seemed to be slightly dented from the repair but it was minor and the rest of the phone was in perfect condition. Comparing the new display to another G2 I had previously compared my screen to showed a big difference from my previous screen. The new screen has less of a yellow tint then before and the colors seem richer. I am glad that the new screen is slightly better than my previous one and definitely not worse. If your screen is cracked and you aren’t sure about sending it in to LG for repair, I can vouch for great service and a great quality of parts despite what some people say. A peculiar thing LG did though was restore my phone to fully stock software, wiping my custom rom and recovery. The man at the phone shop said this was due to their responsibility of returning the phone to a fully new working condition. Within a day I was back on CM 10.2 though…