Moto X: Balanced Perfection (Micro Review/Comparison with G2)

Moto X back

I have recently switched to a Moto X from the LG G2 and the device is surprisingly great. On paper, it doesn’t seem like it would be the best phone to use, but in actuality, it runs smoother and faster than my LG G2 ever did. This holds true for all of the roms I had tried, even stable builds of CyanogenMod 11.

The active display comes on an any slight hint of movement which is a nice way to check notifications without draining the battery. The video below shows how I check the time by just holding the phone.

The screen is only 720p but because it has a full RGB matrix and isn’t pentile, it is a much better experience than previous 720p AMOLED devices as text is not crunchy on the edges. I wouldn’t mind better whites but it isn’t too bothersome.

The battery lasts for around 5 hours of solid screen time but not for over a day off of the charger as the standby isn’t as great as the G2. The G2 would also reach 5 hours of screen time but if used minimally could reach 2 days off of charge as well. The speaker is great as it balances a loud volume with a full range of sound and is one of the better phone speakers I have heard.

The camera so far seems to be good enough for my nature shots but maybe not as good as the G2.

Macro Moto x Moto X flower macro Moto x flower macro

The BUILD is my favorite thing about the Moto X, from the way it feels to the way it looks, it is all done right. The attention to detail is much better than that of the G2 as a device is only as good as its weakest component and the Moto X is just a pleasurable device to use.


– Performance

– Build Quality

– Battery Life

– Features Without Bloat

– Speaker

– Active Display


– Display Resolution and Whites

– Standby Time


LG G2 Ballistic Tough Jacket Case Quick Review

The case can be found on their official site or one of many other online retailers for $25-$35.

Ballistic Case

The LG G2 Ballistic Tough Jacket case appealed to me because I had already broken my screen once, and I did not want it to happen again. This was the best quality and toughest case I could find at an affordable price and it didn’t disappoint.

The case comes in two layers and the camera protector can be popped out fairly easily. I recommend removing the camera protection to ensure that night photos are not distorted by the case.

Ballistic G2 Case

The case is a bit bulky though but it gives a comforting feel that the phone is safe. I dropped it once from around 2 feet from a coffee table and it was fine.

Ballistic G2 Case Front Ballistic G2 Case Thickness


– Sturdy

– Good Quality Materials

– Handles Drops

– Protects the Screen well

– Good Looking


– Bulky

– Front Rubber Sometimes Sticks Inside Pocket

CM 11 Nightly Buillds for the LG G2 Released


A little over a month ago, CM 10.2 began rolling out for the LG G2 and now it has reached a point of stability. Using CM 10.2 for a month was a pleasure and almost bug free experience. Now CM 11 is being rolled out for all of the variants of the G2 and it is looking promising. The home screen with transparent navigation buttons and a transparent status bar is my favorite feature and finally the big black bars are gone. There are a few issues with smoothness in animations and battery life, but being a nightly I am sure they will be fixed quickly. Head on over to the CyanogenMod download page and check for your device.






LG G2 Screen Replacement Update

Exactly one week after I had sent off my phone for repair, I received a phone call saying that my phone was ready for pickup. The cost was 193$ for the screen replacement and 10$ for the handling fees from the phone shop. For a total of 203$ I now had a new screen and glass assembly. It seemed that the whole top half of the phone above the silver band was replaced as it was given to me with the plastic around the sides of the top half as if new. The sim tray seemed to be slightly dented from the repair but it was minor and the rest of the phone was in perfect condition. Comparing the new display to another G2 I had previously compared my screen to showed a big difference from my previous screen. The new screen has less of a yellow tint then before and the colors seem richer. I am glad that the new screen is slightly better than my previous one and definitely not worse. If your screen is cracked and you aren’t sure about sending it in to LG for repair, I can vouch for great service and a great quality of parts despite what some people say. A peculiar thing LG did though was restore my phone to fully stock software, wiping my custom rom and recovery. The man at the phone shop said this was due to their responsibility of returning the phone to a fully new working condition. Within a day I was back on CM 10.2 though…

LG G2 Cracked Screen

The bliss of owning the best phone in the market quickly turns to sadness when it stops functioning. It was a Sunday morning when while reaching for my phone, it slipped off of the desk and landed with the face on the floor. My heart dropped as I was reluctant to pick it up, but when I did, it was fine. Ecstatic, I cleaned it off with a soft rag and continued to use it.

Cracked LG G2

Thinking everything was fine, after roughly 15 seconds of it being in my hand, I could feel it bending ever so slightly. Then the screen cracked right along the center. This hairline crack was enough to stop the digitizer from working. I now had the best brick in the market, I could see the beautiful screen under but I could not use it. Around an hour later, another crack appeared by itself, this time going from the bottom left corner to the first crack. Accepting that it wasn’t going to work anymore, I plugged in my mouse using a USB OTG connection and synchronized all of my data. On Tuesday, I called the LG service center and they said to bring it to one of their affiliated phone shops near me and that they would take it from there. The customer service lady said that the digitizer was a part of the LCD and that the repair options were limited to the whole assembly. This troubled me as it would cost much more even though the underlying LCD was working just fine. The cost to fix the whole screen and glass assembly would be $193 and I had no other option. On Thursday, I took my G2 to the nearest shop and all I can do now is hope for the best. No matter how careful you may be with your phone, use a case that protects the front bezel and glass, because the gorilla glass just isn’t that strong.

Update: LG G2 Screen Replacement Update

LG G2 “Security Error”

ImageIt is usually difficult to hard brick a device but a soft brick can be fairly easy to accomplish. During the early days of development I was testing an experimental build for the G2 when it refused to boot. Thinking I could get it to boot with a different kernel, while being stuck in fastboot mode wasn’t the best idea. If you are stuck in fastboot, I recommend you reflash a custom recovery and continue on your way. If a kernel is improperly flashed the phone will present you with a screen that says LG Security Error. Upon reaching this screen, the only option to return to a fully functional phone is to restore to stock. 

Follow these instructions on XDA written by hyelton and you should be up and running.

LG G2 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock)

After following these steps and restoring to stock software, you can now root and flash a custom recovery as normal.

Best of luck!

CM 10.2 Nightly Builds for the LG G2 Released


While the LG G2 is by far my favorite phone on the market, the stock LG software is somewhat buggy. There are hiccups while scrolling in certain menus and way too many wake locks for a newly set up phone. These problems and more were solved with the release of CyanogenMod version 10.2 for the LG G2. Currently both the D800, D802 and the VS980 are supported and there are nightly builds being released. The experience is far superior to that of the LG user interface and the stability and performance of this nightly build is remarkably impressive.

The battery life is also fantastic due to the minimal amount of wake locks. The device when in sleep remains in sleep and gains the amazing battery life that was expected from the start. On initial installation, cLock keeps a lock on the GPS but after disabling it and rebooting, the device has been flawless.






LG G2 (D802) Benchmarks

The LG G2 has been the all around most powerful phone I have ever used and as a small testament to its power I have benchmarked it using AnTuTu, Quadrant and 3DMark (Extreme and Unlimited). The scores are much higher than what was shown in the reviews and the AnTuTu score was taken before any modifications were made (root and custom recovery). 

AnTuTu: 36369



Quadrant Standard: 20192



3DMark (Ice Storm Extreme 1080p): 9909 Maxed Out



3DMark (Ice Storm Unlimited 1080p): 16196



LG G2 (D80210b-AME) Small OTA Update Available

A small OTA update was pushed to all D80210b-AME devices last night. This update comes as a relatively small 13.23mb download. There has been no information posteImaged relating to this update but installing the update with a custom recovery is not recommended. If it is installed with TWRP already on the phone, it will remain stuck in a bootloop. Luckily, if this happens to you, as happened to me, you can follow the directions stated by thecubed on his xda post found here ( Please leave a comment if you know what the update addressed.

These commands are to be run while the phone is in ADB mode in the recovery to be able to boot past the recovery. After these commands reboot and cross your fingers.

adb shell
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/fota of=/sdcard/fota-backup.img
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/fota