The Razer Nabu is Worth Developing For

While reading about all of the not so innovative tech at CES 2014, one thing truly stood out. The Razer Nabu according to its promotional video and website seemed amazing, finally something wearable I would be interested in.

This however is a slight oversell as the product is still in early developmental stages. The band shown at CES was clearly a very early version as it seemed unfinished in its construction and responsiveness. It is still a fantastic idea and I have signed up for the developer band here. I would love to help push its development further and see it become a part of my daily life.

According to the website it has

  • Public icon screen: 32×32 pixel OLED
  • Private message screen: 128×32 pixel OLED
  • Accelerometer
  • Altimeter
  • Cylindrical vibration motor

These can be used to create a user experience that is unlike any other smart watch/band. The most impressive feature is the claim that the battery will last at least 7 days, and for me this is one of the most important features as I don’t want to take it off very often. The band also has a USB port where it connects to make a complete circle when worn. This is a great idea but is also a bit worrisome as I am curious to see how it will handle the wear and tear.

I now await to hear back from them to be able to get my hands on a developer band and get started…


I received an email on January 17, 2014 stating this,

“Thanks for your interest in our new Razer Nabu.
We will be reviewing all applications and getting in touch with you shortly on the next steps for our Developer Program. 
In the meantime, we will be sending you the latest news on Nabu through email, and you can also follow us on Facebook as well as Twitter.”

I still await further news…

Update 2:

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