LG G2 Ballistic Tough Jacket Case Quick Review

The case can be found on their official site or one of many other online retailers for $25-$35.

Ballistic Case

The LG G2 Ballistic Tough Jacket case appealed to me because I had already broken my screen once, and I did not want it to happen again. This was the best quality and toughest case I could find at an affordable price and it didn’t disappoint.

The case comes in two layers and the camera protector can be popped out fairly easily. I recommend removing the camera protection to ensure that night photos are not distorted by the case.

Ballistic G2 Case

The case is a bit bulky though but it gives a comforting feel that the phone is safe. I dropped it once from around 2 feet from a coffee table and it was fine.

Ballistic G2 Case Front Ballistic G2 Case Thickness


– Sturdy

– Good Quality Materials

– Handles Drops

– Protects the Screen well

– Good Looking


– Bulky

– Front Rubber Sometimes Sticks Inside Pocket

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