LG 22 inch Full-HD IPS Monitor (22MP56)

I walked into Best Buy hoping to buy the Samsung S24D590 but things took a turn. Looking at all of the models side by side and playing with different modes, I couldn’t help but notice that Dell had the best looking monitors. There was one issue with them and that was their glossy screens, immediately I removed them from my mind. This left me to compare the Samsung with the LG 22MP56. The Samsung had the worst blacks I have ever seen and very yellow tinted whites. The LG seemed to be the most accurate but the whites on the LG had a slightly blue tint. It was sad to see that no displays were both matte and accurate out of Dell, Asus, Acer, AOC, LG, and Samsung. 

You could say I settled for the LG but at a sale price of $140 it was still a great deal. I was surprised to see that its color calibration results were placed inside the box (see image). The colors overall are great, and watching High Definition content on it is a pleasure.  

The blacks are not as good as I had hoped but they are not as bad as the Samsung. I guess IPS displays are still ahead of PLS as I was not impressed with what I saw.

For the price I am very happy with the display, but next time I would probably pay more for a matte Dell Ultrasharp to really enjoy my purchase.

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