Rosewill Ranger-M Micro ATX Case

Rosewill Ranger-M
Rosewill Ranger-M

The Rosewill Ranger-M case retails for $39.99 and I found it on eBay being sold from Rosewill for $29.99 with free shipping. This seemed like a bargain for such a good looking case and since I was in need of a case for my components, I went ahead and purchased it.

The case is made of aluminum and is very light, the case looks good, and the case comes with a 120mm blue lit fan in the front and an 80mm fan in the back preinstalled. Installation of everything was easy but as you will see below, there really isn’t much space inside to do anything comfortably.

First, the box was small and very light:

Ranger-M Box

Then, it was packaged well and had all of the screws inside:

Inside The Box
Inside The Box
Inside with Screws in a Bag
Inside with Screws in a Bag

Then, installation was simple but tricky as not everything seemed to fit too easily:

Cramped Inside due to the excess of power supply cables

Finally, the front has built in HD Audio and AC-97 support along with 2 USB 2.0 ports. The Audio worked flawlessly with the Realtek Drivers that I already had installed and the USB ports only worked after I enabled them in the BIOS settings:

Front of the case
Front of the case

Overall, I am very pleased with the case as it looks good, is very functional, and is relatively cheap for the good quality it has. If only it was an inch longer to space the hard drives away from the motherboard 24 pin power input, things would have been perfect. Maybe after I find a way to organize the wires better, it will be perfect.


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