Gigabyte R9 270 OC Dead after connecting to a Samsung TV

The Gigabyte R9 270 OC worked well for a few weeks, but it did run a bit hot compared to other r9 270s. I connected it to a 42 inch wall mounted Samsung TV without knowing if the supplied cable was safe to use or not. I guess it wasn’t safe as the pc crashed and didn’t boot past the POST for a day until somehow I finally got it to boot. Then shortly after it crashed again and now my motherboard beeps twice which means that there is no GPU installed. Without any integrated graphics on my motherboard/CPU, I am stuck with a dead pc and I am unsure if the only problem is the GPU or not. I never liked Gigabyte and I guess that will never change. I have ordered a relatively cheap ASUS r5 230 just for the meantime to get my pc up and running for my work and I will review that as soon as it comes in. In the meantime, I will probably keep an eye out for a good deal on another r9 270 but from a more reliable brand name this time.

Why have you forsaken me?
Why have you forsaken me?

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