Honest Issues with the OnePlus One

No holding back, here they are:

  • Typing fast is impossible and even typing slow the keyboard jumps every few words due to touch issues
  • The new updates have destroyed the amazing battery life that it originally shipped with (especially standby)
  • The touchscreen randomly decides to stop working in most or all areas and doesn’t work until I force a reboot (happens frequently)
  • Inconsistent speaker volume between different OPO on the new update
  • The new screen color default isn’t my most preferred and isn’t nearly as accurate as it was before
  • The audio recording is the worst I have ever heard on a smartphone when used for PTT such as in Whatsapp
  • Using Snapchat and flipping from front to back camera more than once per fresh boot freezes the phone and gives a camera error with the only fix being a reboot.

I didn’t mind the touch issues in the beginning, but it is making the phone very unreliable and at times when I need the phone, I am completely unable to use it. I think I would have been better off with a Nexus 5 and a cheap point and shoot camera by its side, this phone is getting on my nerves.

Also, the battery went from 7 hours of screen on time and 40+ hours of standby to 2 hours of screen on time and 16 hours of standby, that is a pretty intense change for what was a battery bug fix in the last update.

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