Asus AMD R5 230 Unboxing, Benchmarks and Overclocking

Asus R5 230
Asus R5 230

The R5 230 is the cheapest and smallest of the new generation of GPUs from AMD. It can’t do much in terms of graphically intensive tasks, but when you are in need of a cheap solution that is strong enough to do anything other than game or create videos, it runs suprisingly well. It was able to play even 4k video content smoothly when loaded locally (YouTube 4k lagged as it does on my R9 270). Everything ran great in terms of operating system and web browsing tasks. I was able to easily overclock it using the built in AMD Overdrive software and temperatures never even reached 60 degrees during the Furmark benchmark. In the video below I show the card and the results of the tests I ran on both stock clocks and the overclocked clocks.

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