AMD Catalyst 14.9 Stable Released

After a long wait, the stable release of the AMD Catalyst Control Center version 14.9 was finally released. This version is supposed to bring massive gains in several games and I hope it is true. In day to day tasks it runs the same as compared to 14.4 with no real difference outside of specific games. I have run 2 3D benchmarks on 14.4 and 14.9 to see if there were any general improvements to unoptimized games, but the results were almost the same before and after the update.

GPU: Gigabyte R9 270OC with stock clocks

14.4 2
Furmark 720p Benchmark on 14.4
PerformanceTest 3D Test on 14.4
14.9 2
Furmark 720p Benchmark on 14.9
PerformanceTest 3D Test on 14.9

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