LG G2 Cracked Screen

The bliss of owning the best phone in the market quickly turns to sadness when it stops functioning. It was a Sunday morning when while reaching for my phone, it slipped off of the desk and landed with the face on the floor. My heart dropped as I was reluctant to pick it up, but when I did, it was fine. Ecstatic, I cleaned it off with a soft rag and continued to use it.

Cracked LG G2

Thinking everything was fine, after roughly 15 seconds of it being in my hand, I could feel it bending ever so slightly. Then the screen cracked right along the center. This hairline crack was enough to stop the digitizer from working. I now had the best brick in the market, I could see the beautiful screen under but I could not use it. Around an hour later, another crack appeared by itself, this time going from the bottom left corner to the first crack. Accepting that it wasn’t going to work anymore, I plugged in my mouse using a USB OTG connection and synchronized all of my data. On Tuesday, I called the LG service center and they said to bring it to one of their affiliated phone shops near me and that they would take it from there. The customer service lady said that the digitizer was a part of the LCD and that the repair options were limited to the whole assembly. This troubled me as it would cost much more even though the underlying LCD was working just fine. The cost to fix the whole screen and glass assembly would be $193 and I had no other option. On Thursday, I took my G2 to the nearest shop and all I can do now is hope for the best. No matter how careful you may be with your phone, use a case that protects the front bezel and glass, because the gorilla glass just isn’t that strong.

Update: LG G2 Screen Replacement Update

6 thoughts on “LG G2 Cracked Screen

  1. Mine broke last night and I didn’t even drop it. I had noticed the battery gets pretty hot on occasions. Plugged it in last night and awoke to the glass busted to hell and gone…

    1. I’m not sure what it is but it is probably the most fragile and weak front panel I have ever seen. It makes for a beautiful gapless display but its not worth it in the end.

    2. The same thing happened to me. Charging it a lot it gets hot. Went on charger and was fine. Woke up and it was cracked in half. Never dropped. Cheap LGg2! Shame on Verizon for offering such junk.

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