LG G2 Screen Replacement Update

Exactly one week after I had sent off my phone for repair, I received a phone call saying that my phone was ready for pickup. The cost was 193$ for the screen replacement and 10$ for the handling fees from the phone shop. For a total of 203$ I now had a new screen and glass assembly. It seemed that the whole top half of the phone above the silver band was replaced as it was given to me with the plastic around the sides of the top half as if new. The sim tray seemed to be slightly dented from the repair but it was minor and the rest of the phone was in perfect condition. Comparing the new display to another G2 I had previously compared my screen to showed a big difference from my previous screen. The new screen has less of a yellow tint then before and the colors seem richer. I am glad that the new screen is slightly better than my previous one and definitely not worse. If your screen is cracked and you aren’t sure about sending it in to LG for repair, I can vouch for great service and a great quality of parts despite what some people say. A peculiar thing LG did though was restore my phone to fully stock software, wiping my custom rom and recovery. The man at the phone shop said this was due to their responsibility of returning the phone to a fully new working condition. Within a day I was back on CM 10.2 though…

2 thoughts on “LG G2 Screen Replacement Update

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