The LG G3 Screen In Reality (Tinted with a Grid)

I went to Best Buy yesterday to check out the LG G3 screen and directly compared it to my OnePlus One and an HTC One M8 that they had on display. The LG G3 had a horrible display, the colors were off and the whole thing had such a strong yellow tint that the whites were dim. I haven’t read much online about the display actually being this bad and to top it off, all of the phones on display had a very noticeable grid pattern. This reminded me of some of their Nexus 4 units that had a heavy grid pattern along the screen. The grid was so noticeable that even as the screen was on full brightness, I could see very clearly the whole pattern overlaying the LCD. This was quite sad to see considering the LG G2 had such a fantastic display. Compared to the G3, the OnePlus One display seemed like heaven and the M8 display was even better than the OnePlus One. So today I confirmed my belief that the M8 has the best LCD display, and I was surprised to see that the G3 had such a bad display.

A good screen test page
A good screen test page to compare screens



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